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Who Needs The Ozone Layer?

What's the use of reducing air polution, when the ozone layer is going to hell anyway - sooner or later?
It is quite like stuffing a mortally ill person full of medicine just for them to die anyway.
So, what we should do is polute the air more and when the ozone layer is destroyed, we'll have an artificial atmosphere of thick grey smog that will protect us from the dangerous rays of the sun.
Well I suppose it would protect us from any sun whatsoever.
But nonetheless there would of course still be some disadvantages.
I imagine the quality of travelling with airplanes to drop to some extent.
Either the airplanes would have to fly very low and therefore occasionally collide with Skyscrapers or NBA-players or they would have to fly outside of our self-made atmosphere, which - if it is even possible - wouldn't promise a very pretty view, unless of course you totally dig brownish, dirty clouds.
Another drawback would be that such an atmosphere as our air pollution creates it doesn't contain enough oxygen for us to breathe in and we would all eventually die.
But you know... you can't have everything.
3.6.06 09:55

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