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My Merry Massacre

Ego-shooters increase the violent potential says the media.
What the fuck is this shit say the gamers.
In fact, this entire ridiculous discussion has made the lovely gamers so angry, that in response to it people pop out of the ground like spring flowers, threatening whoever is going to listen with bloody bloody massacres.
Now if I wanted to improve my reputation that would be exactly what I would do.
Just push the overall hysteria to unknown limits, it sure must work out beautifully in the end.

Actually, pushing the overall hysteria to unknown limits is a term applicable for pretty much every issue in world politics lately.
I have this feeling that everyone who drives a car is steering right towards the next cliff.
Except for me. I don't have a license.
14.12.06 16:28

Airline Entertainment

Most airlines have this habit of showing movies on intercontinental flights, which can be kind of neat if you forgot to bring a book and for some unfathomable reason you haven't got a window seat.
The movies which they show are usually relatively recent Hollywood successes, which explains why I had to look at Tom Cruise's ugly grimace in MI3 everytime I looked away from the window.
If I had an airline - which I believe I should have - things would be completely different.
The only movies my airline would ever show would be airplane catastrophe movies.
We've got ConAir, Terror Flight of any Boeing you name and of course the lovely Snakes On A Plane.
So while you are comfortably curled up in your seat with a cozy DelusionalAir-blanket you can watch how others are thrown out of their seats, how they are suffocated with their blankets and how their refreshing drinks pour all over the for some reason exposed electronics.
I might also hand out toy snakes.
Is this awesome?
29.12.06 13:37


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