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You ought to never take beautiful girls seriously.
They were raised to make no sense.

[And to twist their faces into adorable expressions.]
22.7.06 22:18

Floating Through Space

Currently I don't have the slightest idea of what my immediate future is going to look like and where I am going to be at the end of it all, but oddly enough this significant amount of inpredictability doesn't scare me at all.
I want to drift around this planet for a while, not really sure of where I want to go at what time and even less of where I'll end up and with me I take this vague hope of catching the one I already caught twice once I do end up somewhere.
How much of all of the endless landslides of dreams and plans will come true doesn't really matter in the slightest.
I've got enough of them to never really run out of things to strive for.
A perpetum mobile if you will.
30.7.06 14:16


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