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My Feet Upon Old Soil

I return with bleeding lips whose words have dragged them on, until on this fine morning noon, I stand on the verge of a third world war inside and outside of me.
I've been travelling constantly in a slightly downward angle to something which I hardly recognize as the stale grown remains of the same old surroundings.
Duct tape is peeling off and all those cuts and wounds underneath become infected with precious boredom.
13.5.06 12:09

The Rules Of Vegetarianism

Being a vegetarian brings forth all kinds of problems.
You miss out on all the tasty things in life, like dead animals for example and you always have to order special meals that are for the most part probably disgusting, because other people are sick of making special meals for you, just because you think you need to torture animals by keeping them alive in this vile world.
Now, it becomes even more problematic - or from my point of view: interesting - when you cross vegetarianism with other moral beliefs of today's society.
Like: Anti-Abortionism.
Are vegetarians who disagree with abortion allowed to eat eggs?
Do they even contemplate that question?
Where is the subculture movement to answer those questions?
18.5.06 20:08

Look Into My Head

I stuff everything into boxes that won't fit into my head anymore.
I stuff everything into boxes that hurts when I remember.

1.>Old Box<
2.>New Box<
21.5.06 00:32

Realism Is Ugly

Lie to me & tell me stories.
Oh I never believed in Santa Clause, but I used to pretend I did because I wanted to.
Now make me believe.
Into anything.
25.5.06 00:49

Hide Me From Humanity

I'm scared of monsters because they are real.
25.5.06 23:46

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