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Goldfish Memory Span

My mother can't remember the question when I give the answer.
For some reason this scares me.
2.7.05 10:54

My Slapstick Nature

Today, I spat a mouthful of water at my father when he didn't expect it.
This represents the simpliest slapstick, but it amuses me incredibly.
3.7.05 23:56

Stating My Priorities

I could live in a tent all my life, if I could just travel the world.
I don't mind any discomfort because this would keep me alive.
I could stare out of a moving train's window for days, as long as the landscape keeps changing.
I really don't care for all of this talk about well-paid careers and economical success. I really don't care as long as I can somehow make a living.
I am a child of this rich western capitalist society, but with a gypsy's heart.
9.7.05 23:56

We Corrupted the World Around Us

>Taken from the vast and thoughtless spaces of the internet.
19.7.05 02:19

My Own Personal Gender Conflict

I can't say I don't believe in gender roles because they definetely exist, if only as a product of society. However, I disagree strongly with them and revolt against their existence for they define me as a woman.
Now, anatomically I am absolutely content with being a woman.
Any other statement, like my occasional insistence of having a penis [which is not to be taken seriously thankyouverymuch] derives from my repulsion of the definition "woman" by society.
Generally I'd like to abolish the idea of gender roles, or rather individualize them, so that everybody can choose whatever the fuck they prefer.
I sympathize a lot with the male gender role, which doesn't mean I sympathize with the stereotype. - In this case my conflict would easily be at least partially solved by acting manly.
My idol is in fact the girly man, who breaks out of his stereotype by looking and dressing, but not necessarily acting [even though that's fine too] girly. He still has to be defined a male though.
I do not know, why I feel that way, but I could assume that the reason for this desire to be associated with the male gender role is, that it offers the most freedom.
Therefore, all my outward girly expression [female/pink clothing, attitude] is an attempt of association with the girly man, not with the female gender role.
My other role of outward expression is the shabby and slighly indifferent type, which is a reflection to my gender un-related character.
30.7.05 04:19


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