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I Did Not Go to School Today
It's called physical-emotional exhaustion.
2.6.05 12:50

Until the Bitter End
Not quite in the way of standing proudly on the sinking ship's deck and saluting the leaving captain, but rather in the way of desperately throwing my arms around the main pole and telling the ship it cannot sink.
That, however, didn't work out.
3.6.05 21:40

This Is the New Reality
Sometimes we wake up
To see nothing
And all that's there are grey skies
Weary eyes and
And I don't see the point,
I mean,
What's that supposed to teach me?
'cept my dreams will leave me
One day, one by one
Or two at a time
And I hate to admit it, but
My dreams are my heroin
And I need them like an addict

But when the music fades
We're all ready to wave good bye
And hope for better times
Before we pass out on the floor.
But really,
I don't see the point.

I'm such a fucking poet.
11.6.05 19:45

I Was Wondering...
If someone prevents the robbery of a supermarket, does that make him a superhero?
17.6.05 14:39

But Really...
What a fucking waste of salt water.
23.6.05 18:19

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