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Happy Mother's Day
It seems like my mother decided to celebrate Mother's Day by yelling at me for not finishing two packages of cereal that I don't like.
::We pay for all this stuff and you throw it away, or what?::
The expense of 2? will probably ruin my family.
8.5.05 11:20

Arachnophobia and Body Hygiene
A nasty spider sitting on the bottom of my shower provoked me to shower in my bathtub this morning, because I was simply too tired to deal with such things.
It seems that I am better in showering in a bathtub, where I have to kneel down in order to not flood the bathroom than getting spiders out of showers.

In fact, neither fits to my princess attitude.

Naturally we talked about the tale of Arachne by Ovid in Latin Class today. That's just the way my life works. Very Soap Opera if you ask me.
11.5.05 22:18

Punks and Cannibalism
Today, while I was walking down one of the hallways at school, some kids yelled at me.
::Punk! You eat little children!::
I didn't know they do that. But then again I'm not a punk, so I don't know much of anything.

[Look, what I found!]
12.5.05 20:36

Please Return...
I think I lost my cynicism.
On the other hand, I tend to misplace a lot of things.
Maybe it'll show up in the laundry.
20.5.05 21:46

Intersocial Skills of My Family
Mother: Oh! About dinner!
Me: Yes?
Mother: I was wondering... maybe I'll make... I'll ask your sister!

With these words she grapped the phone to call my sister upstairs.
[Yes we're to lazy to walk]
Well... thank you... for telling me, you were going to tell my sister what we'll have for dinner.
24.5.05 19:27


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