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Sleeping Beauty
My lovely self: Where are you?
Georgia: I'm right here
My lovely self: Don't don't don't don't don't! You'll get hurt!
Georgia: How would I get hurt?
My lovely self: I don't know.

I'm so interesting to talk to when I am asleep.
But it disturbs me that I can't even shut up when I'm sleeping.
I'm like a TV. Mostly crappy entertainment 24/7.
1.4.05 16:13

Lack of Rye Bread and Other Communist Curses
Brother: Can you go upstairs and look for a Windows CD?
Me: Hold on, I gotta check if we've got any rye bread left...
What the hell? We don't have rye bread? What country is this, that we don't have rye bread? Goddamn Communists!

In my opinion communists should be blamed more often for all sorts of things. I mean, it's not like they can defend themselves.

['cept for the fact that North Korea is supposedly communist and has nothing better to do than to brag with their WMDs - but we can ignore this]
17.4.05 19:38

My Marketing Ideas #1
If I owned the Playboy, I would sell chocolate Playboy Bunnies around Easter.
Finally there would be Easter candy that appeals to both sexes.
Chocolate for the girls and porn for the guys.
If I didn't own the Playboy (which is indeed the case) and if I had nothing better to do (which is not the case), I would also write a book called Jimmy Jackson and the Plectron Fetishists, which would be about a fancy ass rock band who sells out their ideals and the soul of rock'n roll.
It would rank second in the bestseller list, right after Communism for Dummies.
24.4.05 21:24


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