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Put Them Down Dear, These Dreams of Yours

I've been so fucking vulnerable lately.
It's hard to deal with the enemy when they've been gone for a while.
Every time I am alright I can feel my skin become thinner.
But once I escape from this freedom that is none, I shall show everybody who joins me, what being alive means.
Camping is only a small part of it.
It does and it will get crazier.
2.2.05 20:19

My Internet is kind of dead.
4.2.05 14:20

Call It a Statement
"What do you mean, no chocolate?
Are you fucking kidding me?
And you call that a healthy lifestyle!?"
6.2.05 16:26

Too Lazy for Perfection
It seems like I spend my freetime nowadays with sitting on the bottom of the shower, having the water fall down on me.
I wish I hadn't gotten out.
Sometimes I'd rather get away from it all.

I was sitting in my window when a bug fell down from the sky and died in front of my eyes.
How very symbolic.
My life is a crappy movie.
12.2.05 13:48

Better Late Than Never
As I was sitting in the train last week I encountered some strange conservative-looking lady.
She was wearing a white blouse and a grey skirt and had long black hair on her legs.
It was as if those hairs could jump up and attack me any minute.
Simply amazing.

On a different note:
It seems as if I had lost track of posting.
We will get back on this when I feel more cynical and sarcastic.
25.2.05 12:25

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