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Sometimes, I'm just different...

A pretty fucked up day had a pretty beautiful ending.
It's odd how things tend to happen.

[There is more of this, but you'll have to ask for it]
1.11.04 01:02

I Try to Run, But I've Got No Legs...
It bothers me, that I'll have to live up to other people's standarts if I plan on being successful in this world.
After all, if I sleep in a freezer, there won't be room for food in there.
just maybe, I'm gonna be another fucking intellectual.

Or a Gothic Insurance Agent.
Because we all know, this is what they'll want in 10 years.
1.11.04 16:58

Semi-Conscious Moments Carved into the Eternity of a Weblog...
I ought not post at all.
I just feel like I should complain about my disability to properly comment in my own journal because myblog is a bitch.
Also, I'd like to share my wisdom and tell everyone to never fall asleep/pass out while watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas because it will leave you me in an enduring state of complete confusion.

...This is shit...
2.11.04 20:32

Escape Plans Fail Due to a Lack of Irresponsibility...
Grab a bag and pack some clothes,
paper, a pen and the camera.
Get away from here.
Out. Out. Out.

Go to the bank and get all the money.
How far can you go?

Don't need to pay for the train if you stay in the restroom whenever a controller is around.
And at the border?
Which border anyway?
It doesn't really matter.

Maybe to France, but there's no need to stop there.
Still more than enough money to get to the shore by train or hitchhiking, if you carry a knife.

Shove your passport in the official's face and board the ferry that takes you to Dover.
And now?

Rent a one-room-appartment and pull all the plugs in an attempt not to waste electricity.
Somebody ought to need a waitress or something of the like.

Work during the nights and spend most of the days in parks or at the train station taking pictures of the people or in your room writing down everything you can think about.

Not that it gets you anywhere, but isn't this the closest to freedom?
5.11.04 17:51

Lost in Translation...
In the original version of the Bible, Mary was described as a young woman.
When the book was translated into Greek young woman turned into virgin.
And that's where there problem started.

This is one of the reasons why I take the liberty to declare that everyone who takes the Bible litterally is a nutjob.
Although I have to admit the only couple hundred people I've seen who took the Bible litterally were Americans and I don't see many of those anymore.

[Which I am quite happy about, actually]
7.11.04 16:32

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