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At least they still have the Eiffel Tower...
French Fries are Belgian.
French Toast is German.
Croissants were invented in today\'s Austria in Wien.
I wonder what the Baguette\'s dark secret is. But anyway, if I was the frenchmen I wouldn\'t brag so much.
2.10.04 10:24

Flower Cult
Flower corpses are hanging on my walls
as dry that I could break their bones.
Downstairs are even more fouling in dirty water.
And when I look at them I wonder
why nobody ever gave me a dead cat.
Or maybe a lizard?
Dead flowers don\'t smell, neither do animals
with enough room spray.
So why is it:
"I stole flowers from the neighbour\'s garden. Only for you"
Instead of:
"Take my sister\'s rabbit corpse as a sign of my infinite love."
So many questions with so little answers...
3.10.04 21:23

And the Expert Says...
I post weird poetic stuff no one understands

why is YOUR livejournal annoying?
brought to you by Quizilla

...Really? I am surprised.
Is it my fault that you don\'t understand me?
Another interesting question: Why am I doing this?
8.10.04 17:55

So much for loving the American...
I hate admitting that you have become a part of me.
I need a plan for all that empty space that is left now.
Anybody wants to move in? I think I\'d have to renovate first.
My heart is an ashtray.
I\'ve seen better places to live in.
I haven\'t been able to sleep properly for a long time now.
Does that justify sleeping pills?
...I dont have any...
9.10.04 14:05

This is not a Journal entry
I love myself when I\'m miserable.
I\'m just so amusing and actually funny for once as long as I don\'t encounter stupid people.
I hate stupid people.
I hate cowards as well.
It annoys me that people get mad when I insult them.

Other than that school is mad fun.
Mr Propers: *puts books on table* This is our sacrifice table
Duct-taped Beauty: So were going to burn the books?
Ms Schmitz: *to Mr. Propers* This is that Southern States\' influence.
*to me* Where\'s your white hood? I know you have one!

She\'s an odd woman.
I was thinking about pre-medieval nordic cults, not about dancing around a burning cross at night in the woods.
12.10.04 20:17

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