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Make-Up in the Attic...
It disturbs me that the actress who plays Anne Frank in Anne Frank\'s Diary has insane amounts of make-up sticking to her face. If anyone isn\'t aware of this: they were in hiding and they had a lack of all kinds of necessary items, inlcuding pads for their periods. Of course they had tons of make-up for daily use. o.?
It seems that the maintenance of an acress\'s beauty justified historical inaccuracy. Nowadays a regisseur\'s love for special effects and fake heroism justifies historical inaccuracy.
You pick the better reason.
4.9.04 11:42

I want to have a place to scream.
7.9.04 22:32

Free choices...
I refuse to sink to the level of hurting myself. Yes I do.
I sleep with a telephone in my bed.
...thats all...
8.9.04 15:24

One Day, then the Next...
Every day is getting worse than the other. How should I express that I can\'t take that?
10.9.04 12:54

Once more...
...I fucked things up again.
I should be proud of myself, and I should be proud of you for breaking a promise I kept.
Should I succumb to the pressure now, that it doesn\'t even matter anymore?
...I don\'t want it to get worse...
11.9.04 09:01

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