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Fuck the Army...

"War is God\'s way to teach the Americans Geography!"
Im amused. In fact, I even laughed in a non-maniacally way.
1.8.04 01:30

Pointless Waiting...
I just wasted the last three hours of my life.
Why is it that useless people always manage to ruin my plans?
I wont let anyone anymore and as often as I promise this to myself as often do I break my own promise because I believe in those of others.
Im not quite fond of wasting another three...
1.8.04 20:57

My Friend, the Pedophile...
I would advise you not to sit in a little plastic house in front of a toy store and ask people if they want to buy you, because unfortunately there are people, who take you seriously.
Seriously in a bad way. It was especially nice because the guy, who wanted to "buy" us, was about twice my age.
He wouldnt leave for the longest time and then he went to the bank to get money to "afford" us, so we took the time to run away.
A rather creepy moment of my life I must say.
But, this poor little pedophile - probably didnt have any friends.
I will go to sleep now, accompanied by the relaxing sound of some very communticative cow nearby.
3.8.04 23:35

Although I dislike a lot of people I do admit that I really do like some people, but nevertheless do I need time for myself.
Time for myself alone.
Time to think.
In times like this I wonder if I have too many friends since this is already the third day I go to sleep without having done anything creative or productive.
Whenever I go to school though I realize that this isnt quite true.
Gotta love school. Reminds you of the real values in life... in a negative-example-way...
4.8.04 18:18

Mom: Isnt that your cereal bowl in the living room?
Duct-taped-beauty: No
Mom: It has so-and-so cereal in it.
DTB: I dont eat that cereal. I never ate it.
Mom: Really? But its good with cocos...
DTB: I dont like cocos.
Mom: Oh.
5.8.04 17:32

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