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An Ode to Inhumanity...

I find it interesting how emotional people make me want to break their hands. How can someone be so self-absorbed in their own problems, sharing and sharing without ever listening?
I know I have emotional problems, some disorder in my twisted little mind, but aren\'t they still exaggerating?
Most people, without all their masks and their painted-on character are ugly. Those emotions they love to share once you get closer are pathetic and thus everyone would be happier if they\'d just keep them to themselves since nobody wants to listen to anything anyway.
25.7.04 23:57

People we hate...
A certain person, Jean-Paul Sartre to be exact, said one time:
"Hell is other people!"
I must say I agree with him on many occasions although I would like to specify that statement.
Hell is George W. Bush!
26.7.04 19:24

Quizzes for People without a Life...
your fuck.

What swear word are you?
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o.O I am amazed... totally speechless... how am I supposed to tell you how much I dont care?
28.7.04 18:25

Too much free time...
Nihilist Bear
Nihilist Bear

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
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...Didnt I say so?
28.7.04 18:42

Alone in my hiding place...
I wonder how I am supposed to be there for my friends if they never tell me anything. I havent even heard a word from one of my best friends in two weeks or so. Feels great.
Also I must say, which may surprise some of you, Goerge W. Bush is a Dumbass! Yes, my dear, there is a difference between Lance and Neil Armstrong. Is it so hard to know the celebrities of your own damn country?
Today is not such a great day. No, no it isnt.
20year olds threatening 13-16 year old kids at a camping place... sounds like fun to me, doesnt it?
Or what about that guy who was responsible for the death of a mother and her child because he drove irresponsible?
How about people think about the consequences of their actions before they endanger other people?
Just a thought.
29.7.04 14:01

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