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With God's Might I Strike At Thee

The other night I have successfully managed to flatten a spider with my Holy Bible. I am continuously amazed at the versatility of this great work of fiction.
(My favourite part is where Abraham tries to haggle with God, but God obviously is unable to grasp the entire concept of haggling.)
13.9.06 18:52

12.9.06 10:44

I Like My Eggs Like I Like My Hookers

Cntr0fUn1v3r53: mmm photoshopping another iris picture for my secondary desktop
CriesForCookies: I believe that you are obsessed with this iris-person
Cntr0fUn1v3r53: atleast its not crack and hookers
CriesForCookies: why, what's wrong with crack and hookers?
CriesForCookies: I'd like to crack some hookers.
5.9.06 01:44

The Problem With Communication

I decided that the only adequate way to respond to anything my mother says, is miowing.
It is amusing, because it really doesn't make a difference.
Only that eliminating the possibility to be understood reduces the aggravation and results in my enjoying myself incredibly.
Also I don't have to be afraid to waste precious rhetoric plays on someone who doesn't appreciate the beauty of language.
A damn pity that is.
1.9.06 17:42

Power Outage

My brain has turned itself off, so that I happen to lack the amount of creativity and activity that is needed for articulating my thoughts - and most importantly, I lack thoughts to be articulated.
I run on autopilot.
19.8.06 12:00

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