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Lost Soul Mind Mess

My subconscious is filtering out all the trash that it has collected over the years. Filtering out, sweating it out over night. It's like a fever that leaves me dizzy and disoriented.
In my dreams I meet everyone that has ever had an impact on my life. They rush past me in a swirl of images that makes me physically sick and exhausted and I am off suddenly buying bread with Nicola Klambt and the next moment my brother is standing in the door and I turn to run to find there is no other exit and then this scene fades away to be replaced by even more disconnected images and faces.
Smiling, laughing, loving, hating, disappearing.
Oh they made such a mess, but it's all gonna leak out, leak out of the holes my dreams create. 12 hours or more of running through a fun-house with another demonic aquaintance at every turn and once it's over, it's all gonna be cleaned out.
Washed out and re-furnished.

And I want to fall in love again.
25.6.06 23:43

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